1. You are expected to treat everyone with a level of respect. Harassment of other players or staff members is forbidden. Harassment includes but is not limited to repeated unwanted contact; distribution, release, or discussion of any personal or private information; public defamation/slander. Attempting to harm another mentally, emotionally, or physically is another, and will be dealt with harshly. You should be able to act like adults, and you will be held to that standard.

2. The use of derogatory, inflammatory, sexually explicit, or offensive language is strictly prohibited in public channels (#main, #trade, #support, & in town). You are free to speak how you choose with your friends in a private setting (party chat, whispers, guild chat), but be warned that any complaints resulting from behavior in these channels will be dealt with as if it were public.

2a. Please refrain from creating inappropriate character names, party names, guild names, or guild titles. These areas are considered public.

3. Baiting other players into the position of getting themselves in trouble is also disallowed. If you have an issue with someone, do not take the problem into your own hands.

4. Impersonating a GM or other player is strictly disallowed. This includes using a similar name as a GM, utilizing an official-looking emblem, or claiming to be the alternate character of another player or GM. GMs will never ask you for account information.

4a. Do not interfere with GM Events. This can lead to the event being cut short, cancelled, and even result in action being taken. We put a lot of time and energy into our events, and we ask that you simply try to enjoy them! If you do not wish to participate in an event, that is fine - however, do not make the events less enjoyable for the players who do wish to participate.

You do not have to agree with the GMs, but you are required to respect and obey them. We hold our GMs to very strict, professional standards, and their word is final.

5a. GMs reserve the right to conduct investigations on players for suspicious activity. This is not done to invade your privacy, but to ensure a harmonious server.

6. Please post any reports in the appropriate section of the forums. For player reports especially, please include screenshots. We will not take your word for it unless we see it ourselves. You can also use the game's Replay feature to record a video of the incident if you choose.

6a. Before you report someone, please ask them to stop and explain that you are bothered by their behavior. It is easier for you to come to a resolution yourselves if you can, and /ex goes a long way if not.

7. Cheating or botting of any kind is not allowed and will be punished severely. This includes but is not limited to: sprite editing, and the modification of NiktoutRO files. GMs may make exemptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis, such as if a player wishes to remove/edit the manner file.

7a. Third-party programs of any kind are disallowed. The only exceptions to this rule are Homunculus/Mercenary AI programs.

8. Do not abuse or exploit bugs or hacks. If you happen across a bug, immediately notify a staff member and report it in the appropriate forum. This is important not only to keep the server playable, but to ensure no one gains an unfair advantage over other players. This is a serious offense.

9. The buying, selling, and trading of items or in-game currency for real currency or anything else other than in-game currency is absolutely forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban, no questions asked.

10. Please deal with others squarely. Scamming of any kind will result in severe action.

11. Keeping your account secure is your responsibility.
We cannot be faulted for security violations if you share your personal information with others. Do not give your username, password, or email address to anyone.

11a. Similarly, your items and what you do with them is your responsibility. If you loan your items to another player, and those items are not returned, we cannot be held accountable or be expected to get them back. Allowing other players (even the ones you trust) to borrow your items is done at your own risk.

12. Annoying behaviors such as spamming and begging are extremely discouraged. This includes the spamming of text and skills, and begging for items, zeny, or buffs. We pride ourselves on our friendly community. While we encourage players to be generous, accepting, welcoming, and pleasant, this is on their own terms. If you need help, simply ask politely!

13. While we understand that NiktoutRO may not be the only server you're a member of, we ask that you please refrain from advertising for other servers or anything else.

14. Please refrain from opening Chat windows in mid-Prontera - please keep Prontera clean!

15. Common sense goes a long way - please use it for anything not listed.

16. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone. As such, we expect everyone to act like adults and treat others similarly.

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