Frequently Asked Questions


In-Game Questions

0. Why do I get "your account blocked gm" with a new account ?

You have to validate your NiktoutRO account by e-mail(check spam folder) first before to be able to login here.

1. Are there any freebies or guild packs for new players?

Yes, you start with one starter pack by account. Read this topic Freebies content to know what you can get !

2. Is there a Job Master? If yes, where is it?

We do have a Job Master on our server, located in the center of Prontera.

3. Where can I rent a falcon, peco-peco, cart, warg or madogear?

You can visit the Renter Girl in the center of Prontera to rent a falcon, peco-peco, cart, warg and madogear.

4. What other important custom NPCs are there in Prontera?

You can find the following NPCs in Cental Prontera just south of the Fountain: Stylist, Reset Girl, WoE Informations, Market Place, Item Mall(from the Warper > Special Areas), skills/stats seller/buyer.

5. Where and how do I get my platinum skills?

By talking to your Job Master when you Job Change, you will automatically receive the platinum skill. Alternatively, you can also do the quests to receive your platinum skills.

6. What are the MVP and Mini-Boss spawn timers like?

All naturally spawning MVPs and Mini-Bosses spawn twice as quickly. Script-spawn MVPs such as Thanatos, Khtullanux, Lord of the Death, etc have their regular spawn times and behavior.

7. How do I chat on #world, #main, #trade, etc?

To chat in any of these channels, type the channel name (#world, #main, etc.) in the small box on the bottom left corner of the chat window. In other words, whisper to the channel you wish to broadcast to.

8. Why is the Eden Equipment Quest not working?

When you have exceeded the maximum level for a certain Eden Equipment Quest, you can no longer turn in the quest to receive rewards from that quest.  You can, however, do the next set of Eden Equipment Quests for rewards in that new level range.


Game Mechanics

1. Why doesn't this item give me MATK bonus?

Items that give MATK bonus does not show the bonus in your status window. The bonus is applied to your damage formula.

2. Why is ASPD all different?

ASPD has been completely changed in Renewal. AGI is now a crucial part of attaining fast ASPD, however, AGI alone will not give you high ASPD! Some things to keep in mind regarding how ASPD works - all weapons have weapon delay which differs from class to class; many ASPD buffs actually reduce weapon delay, not directly increase ASPD; similar types of ASPD buffs will not stack.

3. How do I get instant cast?

Renewal introduces the concept of Variable and Fixed cast times(Disabled). In general, Variable cast time can be reduced, but Fixed cast time cannot. In order to reduce variable cast time to 0, twice your DEX plus your INT status must be over 530 (Dex*2+Int >= 530)

 4. How do I get stats above 400 ?

Use the command /str+ 500 to get max stats. Replace str by agi/dex/int/vit/luk for the other stats.

Account and Character Questions:

1. Why can't I create a character?

You cannot have illegal characters such as $£* in your characters’ names.

2. Why can't I delete my characters?

Use your e-mail address when deleting your character.

3. Why didn't I receive the activation E-Mail?

Sometimes the activation E-Mail is incorrectly sent to you Spam folder.  Please check to make sure that this isnt’ the case.  If you still don’t see your activation E-Mail, send a message on the forums to Atomix or Dragoon that includes your username to be activated.

4. Why is my account banned?

To inquire about a ban you can use the @request function, send a message to Niktout or any other Game Master on the forums.

5. How do I change my character’s name?

Under no circumstances will a player be able to change their character’s name. This is due to many technical reasons and our server policies.

6. How do I change my character’s gender?

You cannot change your character’s gender.

7. How do I change my character slot?

Log into your account on the website. Click account -> Character Name -> Change Slot

8. Help!  I’ve lost all of my items because I shared my account information with another person.

All items lost due to account-sharing will NOT be recovered.


 Technical Questions:

1. Why is my sound not working?

Go to NiktoutRO’s Folder -> Setup -> Change 3D Sound to 2D Sound

2. Can I play NiktoutRO on Windows 8?

Yes you can! It is best to install to the default installation folder (C:\NiktoutRO Full Client 2014-11-05). You might have to run it in Windows XP or Windows 7 Compatibility mode for better stability.

3. How do I use NiktoutRO's AI to control my homunculus or mercenary?

You can find a detailed answer here: Homunculus' AI Guide

4. How do I install NiktoutRO using the Lite Installer?

We do not recommend using the Patcher Install. Use the Patcher Installer only if recommended by a GM. The Lite Installer can be used to fix a corrupt Full Installer by installing it into your existing NiktoutRO folder. If you want to install using the Small Installer, make sure your kRO client is fully updated to the latest version.

5. What do I when an “Illegal Format Error” pops up or if I am missing a file or have a corrupt file?

Delete the server.dat file in your NiktoutRO folder, and restart your game to force re-patching. If it does not fix your issue, contact a GM.


Other Common Questions:

1. How do I contact a GM?

Use the @request function to talk to a GM.  You can also send us a Private Message on the forums or on Discord.

2. What should I do when I see a bot ?

Send a @request to inform a GM about the suspicious player. If we are not online or unavailable; you can use the game recording function (Alt+V, then click Replay) to record the player’s suspicious acts.

3. How do I report a player?

Use @request to report another player or send a message on the forums to the Admins.

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