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Random Downtimes

by Goon on 2019-06-14

Hello everyone,

We're going to be working on upgrading the server and adding new features. The server during this time may be down without much notice.

Please look forward to the updates, it will be worth the wait.


2017-04-24 Update: Sealed MvP Cards & @changegm

by Niktout on 2017-04-24

Hello everybody,

- Added every Sealed MvP Cards to Quest Shop
* Happy questing !

- Added @changegm command to change guild leader as requested !
* Enjoy !

- Reminder:
* You can access to the Vote Shop Points from the Vote For Points NPC near Lenneth NPC in Prontera.
* You can access to the Cash Shop and have a preview of every available items by clicking on the Cash Shop button on the top right corner of your screen.
* How do I get Cash Points ? You can get Cash Points by donating to the server from the donation menu on the website. (N/A)
* How do I get Vote Points ? You can get Vote Points by voting to our server by login in on our website then click on Voting Sites near the Vote For Points menu.

I hope you guys will enjoy this update and tell your friends about the revival of the Revamped NiktoutRO Chaos Super High Rate !


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